‘Sing for your Supper’ 23rd January 2015

What a great evening of incredible entertainment! Don’t miss the next one – whenever that may be!

Video – ‘Let us spray’ – Quesada House Group (duration=0min 17secs)
Video – ‘Nancy Dawson’ – David Boardman (duration=0min 17secs)
Video – ‘I Believe’ – Ken Frew (duration=0min 55secs)
Video – ‘Cwying’ – Theresa Gregory (and Roy) (duration=1min 29secs)
Video – ‘I remember it well’ – Jim and Jean Speakman (duration=0min 48secs)
Video – ‘Abba +’ (duration=0min 34secs)
Video – ‘How great Thou art’ (duration=0min 39secs)