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How to Listen to Sermons

You can listen to the sermons online right on this page, or click the Sermon Title to download them to your computer for listening later.

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How to Find Sermons

You can use the “Sermons” menu to find “Latest Sermons” or “Older Sermons” – where you can choose a Service Type, then browse by Preacher, Series, topic, or Book.

You can use the search box below – For example, enter ‘Grace‘ for sermons about ‘Grace’.[IS]OrClick to ask about Sermons from earlier times.

Latest Sermons

Followed by song - Come Just as You Are

The Lord is my Shepherd

August 3, 2014

"God was with him"
Staying within hearing distance: The things we lose when we do not hear; and the things we gain when we hear his voice.

Men of Issachar

July 9, 2014
Men of Issachar
Putting Second Things First - Common reversals of priority.

The conclusion of The Birds Eye View of the Bible series

Fathers Day

June 14, 2014

Five steps in the development of purpose. 1. Dream  2. Desire  3. Decision  4. Determination 5. Demonstration

Receiving from God

June 1, 2014
When God makes a promise - how can we make that promise ours?

A Call to Decision

May 24, 2014

Birds Eye View Jude
The Calling of Abraham
Bird's Eye View of the Bible - 2nd & 3rd John
This is Not About Fish!

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